quinta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2011

Jim Morrison's Birthday ~ The Hours

Today is Jim's birthday - and it's also the bithday of two years-old nephew called Eiji that I call my little Jim. If he was alive today, he'd be a 68 years-old man.

But Jim was taken from us when he was 27, everybody knows the history.

I just wanted to make something different and tell you what Jim Morrison means in my life.

The picture above shows the very first The Doors CD I've ever heard in my whole life. I didn't buy it, a daddy's friend gave to me when I was a 13 years-old girl. I remember I came back in the car w/ mommy and daddy listening to The Doors and mommy said that it was "cool, you could even dance it".

Jim and The Doors returned to my life when I was 14 years-old and my daddy left home. I was listening to Roadhouse Blues. Jim's voice just seemed to hold me up. Jim hugged me and I didn't fall 'cause of him.

But my deep love for Jim just began in the past year when I read a little book about him. I fell in love w/ the man and the rich world surrounding his life and legend.

I can't even say in which moments Doors and Jim were on my life. My dog's death, my first love, the nights dancing The Doors w/ my children, reading Jim's poetry w/ my cat, breaking hearts w/ L.A. Woman as soundtrack...

So Jim, happy birthday. Thank you for being here and being you.

Thank you for all. Thank you forever.

The picture above is Clara Morrison holding her son, the little James Douglas Morrison. I've done a video in honor to Jim:

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