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New plays about Jim Morrison are coming out on Brazil

I am very happy while writing  this. Ya know, I live in Brazil and it's kind hard to be a Doors fan here - we don' t have so much things related to Jim or the band as in the U.S. or in Europe. But I keep seeking for things related to both. Sorry for the mistakes, it's so hard to translate things from Portugese to English

And then, I found out this treasure! The Brazilian actor Eriberto Leão is making a play about Jim Morrison's life to come out on next semester!

First of all, I'll tell you about Eriberto. He's a Brazilian actor, widely known in my country by his soap operas on the Globo Television (the most famous television channel here), but he's also on Plays and Movies. And Eriberto is a huge fan of Jim, he's always talking about Jim on Interviews. There's one of Eriberto's quotes about Jim:

"I started to study Jim's life 20 years ago. I understood what he meant behind The Doors. I mean, I feel like if I've meet Jim without even looking to him.(...) Jim was a guy beyond that lawbreaker. What he meant was based on a beautiful and philosophical way; it is very important for the young people, it's a contribution, I'd say, to the younger; I know they'd like the play.".


Then now, the news about the play are oficially coming out. I'd translate one of them, but I've got some words from Eriberto about the play and I think he himself is the best person to explain the project:

Eriberto wrote: "We'd travel around the country".

"I talk about Jimbo 'cause I'll bring him to life again on the Theater, it'll be a Jimbo that only the people who truly understood him know"./"Jim had a main goal: only if you know Nietzche you'll understand. Or coming to the Theater soon.".

 I hope to see the play coming to my city. It'd be GREAT!

And the Lizard King is really conquering Brazil! There's also a musical play about him on Curitiba. The play itself is played on the streets, what fits pretty good w/ Morrison's spirit. The name of the show is "Rock is Dead?". The play is also focusing on Jim Morrison's life and legacy and on which were his goals behind The Doors and his Poetry books.

There's the poster of the musical play:

The Rock is Dead director speaks about the play:

Well, it's played on the streets.         
There will be 10 songs played by the band O TRILHO (The Track). This band will be a character on the play, it'll be The Doors. It'll play during all the show, but it'll appear only when we play Break on Through (the apex of Jim's caree w/ The Doors.)         
Our goal is to show Jim's life on many ways. The begin is w/ a drum and an invocation to  Jim through the actors singing "MISTER MOJO RISIN".         
Following there'll be the Ghost Song text, it'll be like the first scene. After calling Jim's ghost, we'll play Peace Frog and Unknown Soldier. On this moment, we'll show Jim w/ his participation on the theatrical group The LIVING THEATRE (offbroadway group, w/ a revolutionary aesthetic on its plays). After this metaphorical critic to the alienation, we'll play L.A WOMAN (once again MISTER MOJO RISIN will call out the audience)    Then we'll play Alabama Song (written by Bertold Brecht- playwright related to the Living Theatre). It'll be like a freak show on the play, w/ bizarre things and fire.     
Then we'll quote William Blake to the audience - trying to open their doors of perception  - while it'll be for Jim the moment of insights and discover of inspiration. It'll happen after Break on Through.      
After that, we'll begin the Celebration of the Lizard and the whole question "IS ROCK DEAD?". We'll mix this song w/ parts of the Celebration of the Lizard.     
Ending, we'll mix When the music is over/roadhouse blues and some another track from The Soft Parade.     
We'll finish it  w/ Jim's death and the song called THE END. It's the last  procession...       
 It's a ceremonial play where the people are going experience a unique moment as audience.

You can also check out the Facebook page for the Musical. It's really cool, they're always sharing a lot of stuffs related to Jim and Doors! Check out Eriberto's twitter (it's mainly on Portuguese).

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